MacVoices #661: Michael Krieg of Web Crossing and Sylvia Marino of CarSpace Discuss Web Crossing Neighbors, the New Social Network Software
Jun 22, 2006
Michael Krieg
Michael Krieg
Michael Krieg, Vice President of Sales for Web Crossing and Sylvia Marino, senior director of CarSpace, discuss the latest product from Web Crossing, Web Crossing Neighbors. This new social networking software is on the cutting edge of web interaction, and Michael covers its many capabilities such as wikis, scripting support, ftp and smtp capabilities, photo albums, blogs and more. CarSpace has been running their site on a Web Crossing Neighbors beta, including their partnership with Pixar on the new movie Cars, and Sylvia talks about why they elected to trust that opportunity to Web Crossing Neighbors. Sylvia also talks about the rise of social networking sites and why they take interaction with people of similar interests to a new level.
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